Application to Expunge Juvenile Criminal Records in Illinois

In order to expunge your juvenile record there are several steps that you must take.

First, obtain an arrest history report from any agency that arrested you and/or the relevant charging and disposition information from the Circuit Clerk.

Then you must fill out and file forms called a “Petition,” a “Notice”, and an “Order” with the Circuit Court in the County in which you were arrested. You can get these forms from the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office or by contacting the State Appellate Defender at

There are 2 petition forms that you can use. If your case only involved an arrest or supervision and you were never on probation, you should use the “Category 1" Petition. If your case involved probation, you should use the “Category 2" Petition. If you are unsure which form you need to use, call the State Appellate Defender’s toll-free number at (866) 431-4907 or (866) 431-4907. You need to file a separate petition for each arrest listed on your arrest history report.

If you are seeking to have your juvenile criminal record from Cook County expunged, it is recommended that you use their forms and procedures. Click

Fill out the forms as instructed and bring them you to the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office. It will then send notice of your petition to the Illinois State Police, the Prosecutor assigned to your case and the agency that arrested you. They have up to 45 days to object to your petition. If there is an objection to your petition, the Clerk will schedule a hearing. If the Clerk schedules a hearing for your case , you will be notified of the time and place, and you must attend. If there is no objection, the court may or may not hold a hearing on your case.

If the court grants your expungement request, the clerk will notify all appropriate agencies. You can also ask the clerk about any fees involved. In approximately 6-12 weeks, the Illinois State Police will send you and the Clerk a letter confirming your expungement. 

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