Process for Expunging Juvenile Criminal Records in Virginia

  1. The procedure for expunging a juvenile criminal history record, where the expungement is not automatic, is largely the same procedure that exists for expunging the criminal record of an adult. The basic procedures and requirements are: Obtain a stamped, certified copy of the Warrant of Arrest and case disposition for each charge you want expunged. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court has a single sheet of paper for each criminal charge (usually). 2.
  2. Prepare your petition. You’ll need to fill out the CC-1473: Petition for Expungement Filed in A Circuit Court – Acquittal/Dismissal. Filling it out requires the following information: a.
    1. Case number b.
    2. Address information for the circuit court c.
    3. Your full name now and at the time of the arrest d.
    4. Your date of birth e.
    5. Name and number of the charge you wish to have expunged f.
    6. Description of the charge and its disposition, i.e. – how are you eligible for expungement now? – were you acquitted of the charge, or was it dismissed? If the latter, what law was used to dismiss it? g.
    7. Copy of the arrest warrant and/or indictment to attach to the petition, with underlying case number h.
    8. Date of the final disposition (acquittal, etc) of the charge and the name of the court that disposed of it
  3. You must obtain one complete set of fingerprints from a Virginia law enforcement agency and provide a copy of the CC-1473 expungement petition to that agency as well. 4.
  4. You must serve a copy of the CC-1473 on the Commonwealth’s Attorney in the county or city in which you are planning on filing it.

You will need to sign a statement on the CC-1473, that says: “The continued existence and possible dissemination of information relating to the arrest of the petitioner causes or may cause circumstances which constitute a manifest injustice to the petitioner. For this reason, I request that the police and court records, including electronic records, relating to the charge(s) be expunged and that a copy of any order of expungement be forwarded to the Department of State Police pursuant to subsection K of §19.2-392.2.” For more on the “manifest injustice” standard, please read our article titled “Eligibility for Expunging and Sealing Adult Criminal Records in Virginia”.

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