Do I need an attorney in Missouri to expunge or seal criminal records?

A criminal record can negatively affect many aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. It may make it more difficult to get a professional license, gain citizenship or security clearances, be admitted into a school and obtain student loans, or get credit or a mortgage. Overall, a criminal record can affect your reputation in the community for years, even decades after your conviction.

Getting a Missouri expungement requires dealing with the court, which can be a complicated process. You can represent yourself (pro se) but you should also consider hiring an experienced Missouri criminal attorney. Court filings and hearings are full of pitfalls, timing issues, exceptions, and many formal requirements. A minor mistake in preparing court documents or other paperwork can cost you precious time in sealing your criminal records.

A lawyer that specializes in these cases will help take the burden off you. Your attorney is your advocate, and you can always go to them with additional questions or concerns you may have about your expungement. Also, they will be familiar with Missouri requirements and procedures, understand the timeframes and deadlines, and can handle all court appearances as necessary. The cost for legal representation on these matters starts for as little as a few hundred dollars, and many attorneys offer a free or reduced initial consultation. Consider how much a fresh start is worth to you, and consult an experienced Missouri criminal lawyer today.