Sealing juvenile criminal records in Missouri

Some juvenile records in Missouri are automatically sealed. If a juvenile is taken into custody for offenses that would be considered felonies if committed by an adult, law enforcement officials will make a fingerprint and photograph record for that juvenile. However, these fingerprint and photograph records will be automatically closed within 30 days. Otherwise, juvenile arrest records can be expunged in the same manner for minors as they are for adults. This procedure begins by filing a Petition for Expungement of Arrest Records in court and providing fingerprints. For more details on the expungement process, see our article Process for Expunging Criminal Adult Arrest Records in Missouri.

The Conviction Exception for Minors in Possession of Alcohol

An individual convicted for being a “minor in possession of alcohol” (MIP) can have that conviction expunged after they turn 21, if they meet the following requirements:

  1. They were convicted of one and only one alcohol related offense;
  2. The individual has had no other contacts with law enforcement (arrests or charges) which were alcohol-related (e.g. drunk driving).

A minor is entitled to only one MIP expungement. If a minor has their MIP conviction successfully expunged, they no longer have to disclose the conviction on applications or other documents.

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