New York Shoplifting Crimes: Do You Need To Hire An Attorney?

Shoplifting, the removal of an object from a store or place of business without paying for it, is referred to in penal law as petit larceny and is generally considered a minor crime. So, do you really need an attorney to represent you in court? You bet. Here's why:

Can a New York criminal lawyer really help?

Elliot Schlissel, a Long Island criminal law attorney whose firm represents individuals charged with criminal matters in both Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as in the greater New York metropolitan area, says that a private counselor can help by working out a plea bargain if it's a first offense. He explained:

Often, the basis of the plea bargain is having the person take a shoplifting course and a representation that this will never happen again. In some cases, we obtain what’s called an 'adjournment in contemplation of dismissal,' which is basically a dismissal of the case. Kathleen Rice, the current district attorney of Nassau County is aggressive in prosecuting these cases, and while prosecution is generally not as severe in New York City, Brooklyn or Queens, an attorneys' experience can help to avoid criminal records, fines and jail time.

Avoiding criminal records, fines and jail time

We asked Schlissel why someone should contact an attorney when charged with a minor crime. His answer? The reason someone should hire an attorney is because even minor crimes are crimes. He explained:

They are misdemeanors which can result in a criminal record, significant fines and possible jail time. Experienced New York criminal law attorneys are trained to deal with the criminal justice system. My office has been doing this type of work for 33 years. The attorneys in my office are all specially trained, have handled many of these cases and are familiar with the judges, the prosecutors, the court programs, the sentencing and the probation department. We are often able to obtain very favorable dispositions for our clients due to the fact that we have extensive experience in handling these matters and detailed knowledge of the legal system.