Arizona DUI Defense Resources and Statutes

Arizona DUI Defense Resources and Statutes

If you would like to learn more about Arizona DUI laws, research the Arizona Codes on your own, or simply need a lawyer specializing in Arizona DUI law at this time, you will find the resources you need right here.

Arizona DUI Resources:

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Arizona DUI statutes, Chapter 4:

Underage drinking: Title 4-244.33:

Ignition Interlock Device

Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for Arizona—2003

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Traffic Safety Facts: Alcohol-Related Fatalities in 2004 (NHTSA)

Arizona DUI Statutes:

Arizona DUI Convictions: ARS (Arizona Revised Statutes) 28-1381—1383.

Implied Consent Law: ARS 28-1321.

Driver of Commercial Vehicle: ARS 28-1381.

Arizona DUI Fines & Sentencing/First Offense:

Jail/Fines & Costs: ARS 13-804.01, 28-1381—28-1383, 28-1444.

Jail costs: ARS 13-804.01, 28-1444.

Arizona Probation: ARS 13-902, 28-1387.

Vehicle Impound: ARS 28-3511.

Arizona Alcohol Screening/Education Treatment: ARS 28-1387.

Community Service: ARS 28-1381—28-1383.

Arizona DUI Fines & Sentencing/Second Offense Plus:

Jail Costs/Fines & Costs: ARS 13-804.01, 28-1381—28-1383, 28-1444.

Vehicle Impound: ARS 28-351.

Vehicle Forfeiture: ARS 28-1384.

Arizona Probation: ARS 13-902, 28-1387.

Arizona Alcohol Screening/Education and Treatment: ARS 28-1387.

Arizona Ignition Interlock Device: ARS 28-1381—28-1383.


Community Service: ARS 28-1381—28-1383.

Open Container Laws: ARS 4-251.

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