Can I be charged with possession of marijuana in Ohio if I’m a passenger in someone’s car and marijuana is found? What does “possession” mean under Ohio’s marijuana laws

You can be charged with possession of marijuana in Ohio if it is found in a car in which you are a passenger. But if the marijuana did not belong to you, and was not found on your person, you may have a good defense against conviction. From a driver’s perspective, you can be charged with possession of marijuana if it is found in the car, even if not belonging to you.

This quirk is due to the way the law defines possession. In Ohio, as in other states, possession can be either physical or constructive. Physical possession is, of course, having the object on your person. Constructive possession, however, allows for a much broader interpretation of possession, including situations in which the object is under your control, even if not on your person. Examples of constructive possession include having the marijuana in your closet, in the trunk of your car, or even having another person carry it while following your orders. Many times, a case will come down to whether or not the defendant has constructive possession of the marijuana. A good Ohio criminal defense attorney will know the details of constructive possession in Ohio and help you defend against your marijuana charge.

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