How do I get medicinal (or medical) marijuana in Michigan?

In order to use medicinal marijuana in compliance with Michigan law, you must have a debilitating medical condition, and your marijuana use must be related to that condition. In order to ensure that your condition is covered, you should apply for a medicinal marijuana registry identification card with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Purchasing Medicinal Marijuana

Currently, there are no provisions for legally selling medicinal marijuana in Michigan. Consequently, Michigan has no dispensaries and the only way to lawfully possess marijuana is to grow it yourself, have your primary caregiver grow it, or to receive it as a gift. Your primary caregiver may be paid for assisting with your marijuana use. However, any person may only be a primary caregiver for up to five other people.

Growing Medicinal Marijuana

Those with a qualifying debilitating medical condition can lawfully grow medicinal marijuana or have their caregiver do so. For each qualifying patient, a person is allowed to have 12 plants, 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana, and any incidental amount of seeds, stalks, and roots. Thus, even with a marijuana registry identification card, a police officer may arrest you if you have more marijuana plants than the legal amount. Unfortunately, it is not quite clear what the legal difference is between a plant and an incidental stalk and root. Consequently, having 12 plants plus additional roots and stalks may result in being charged with owning over 12 plants. In the event of such an arrest, an experienced Michigan marijuana attorney or Michigan criminal attorney would be extremely helpful in getting the charges dropped or defending you from a conviction.

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