Is K2 illegal in New York?

The substance popularly known as K2 (JWH-018), along with other cannabinoids, is legal in the state of New York. K2 may also be referred to as genie, spice, zohai, or fake weed, and is typically sold as incense or potpourri. Although sometimes called “synthetic marijuana,” K2 is not considered synthetic marijuana for criminal purposes. Invented by chemistry professor John Huffman in the 1990s for possible pharmaceutical purposes, K2 has gained a name for being (in some states) a legal substitute for marijuana. Currently, there is very little research on the short- and long-term effects of K2 on humans, but some evidence suggests it may be more harmful than smoking organic marijuana. An increasing number of states, as well as several European countries, have passed laws making K2 illegal. There is a bill pending in the New York legislature that would ban cannabinoids, with exceptions for over-the-counter medication and providing a defense of lack of knowledge that a substance had a cannabinoid in it.

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