Is K2 illegal in Pennsylvania?

The synthetic substance K2 (JWH-018) and other cannabinoids are legal in Pennsylvania. K2 is also known as genie, spice, zohai, or fake weed, and is typically sold as incense. K2 is also sometimes called “synthetic marijuana,” but this confuses the substance with tetrahydrocannabinols, which are illegal in Pennsylvania. Invented by chemistry professor John Huffman in the 1990s for pharmaceutical research, K2 has become famous as a legal substitute for organic marijuana. Very little research has been done on K2’s effects on the human body, but some anecdotal evidence has suggested that K2 could be more harmful than organic marijuana. States are increasingly banning K2, and some European countries have done so as well. In Pennsylvania, a bill has been proposed (HB 176 – the Act to Ban Synthetic Marijuana) to make K2 illegal. The bill is in the early stages of the legislative process.

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