New York Medical Marijuana Laws

Like most states, New York does not allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. However, two bills for legalizing medicinal marijuana, A. 9016 and S. 4041-B, were proposed in 2009. The bills enjoy bipartisan support and are currently still progressing through the legislative process. If passed into law, they will allow medical marijuana to be dispensed from designated facilities in New York. Patients still will not be allowed to grow their own marijuana. Even if the bills do become law, marijuana would still be illegal under federal law.

What is the Medical Marijuana Registry? Is there a New York Marijuana Registry?

States that have legalized medical marijuana typically have registries to assist law enforcement in the registration and identification of individuals with valid doctor’s recommendations for marijuana use. However, because New York has not legalized medical marijuana, there is no New York marijuana registry. Furthermore, individuals who are on registry lists in other states receive no legal benefits or additional defenses from prosecution while in New York.

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