Marijuana and Pennsylvania Drug Courts

Drug courts, considered part of Pennsylvania’s problem-solving court system, have been shown across the nation to reduce costs and the rate of recidivism when compared to traditional penalties like jail time. The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) funded the state’s first drug treatment court in Philadelphia in 1999. PCCD’s Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements supports the many drug courts throughout the state.

The specific operations of each Pennsylvania drug treatment court vary by jurisdiction and include both adult and juvenile drug courts. Not every county in Pennsylvania has a drug court, but the system is always expanding. If you would like to learn more about Pennsylvania drug treatment courts or find out whether your county has one, go to the PCCD website.

Drug courts often refer marijuana offenders to a marijuana treatment program rather than sending them to jail. Marijuana rehabilitation centers and programs are typically not run by the state, but the centers must meet state guidelines in order to be licensed state drug court facilities.

The benefits to participating in drug court for marijuana charges vary depending upon the circumstances. In most cases, successful completion of a Pennsylvania drug treatment court-approved program results in:

  • the dismissal of your marijuana charges
  • the ability to have your drug record expunged
  • greater chance you will remain drug-free because of the lower rate of recidivism
  • avoidance of serving jail time

Note that not everyone charged with a marijuana crime in Pennsylvania is eligible for drug court. Those charged with violent offenses or crimes unrelated to marijuana addiction may not be allowed to participate.

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