Texas Medical Marijuana Laws

Like most states, Texas does not allow medical marijuana. Texas House Representative Elliott Naishtat filed the last bill addressing medicinal marijuana on November 10, 2008. Far from outright legalization of marijuana, Texas HB 164 would have allowed medical need as a defense against marijuana conviction. The bill never made it out of committee. Unlike some states, Texas does not have a system to allow voters to propose and approve laws directly (without the approval of the state legislature), which has been the primary avenue for legalization of medical marijuana in other states.

What is the Medical Marijuana Registry?

States that have legalized medical marijuana often have registries to assist law enforcement in keeping a record of all patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation for marijuana. But because medical marijuana is illegal in Texas, the state has no registry. Furthermore, individuals who are on registry lists in other states receive no legal benefits or additional defenses from prosecution while in Texas.

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