What does someone have to do on parole or probation?

Ordinarily, you are under the supervision of a parole or probation officer and are required to report to them on a pre-determined schedule. How often is usually based on the type of crime committed, prior criminal record, your risk to the community, and other factors. Offenders who are at the highest level of risk (e.g., likely to break supervision) may be required to report weekly while those at a lower risk may report monthly or quarterly. It is also possible that, sometime after the initial supervision period, the parole officer may change the level of contact with the offender to reflect the particular circumstances of the individual case.

The parole or probation officer will usually inquire of the offender that they are complying with the restrictions, terms, and conditions set by the paroling authority. The offender may have to show proof that they are working and doing assigned community service. They may also be required to submit to periodic blood tests.