Someone stole my PIN for my ATM card and raided my bank account. What can I do?

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are willing to steal from others through ATM fraud. It is possible to be scammed by a ATM reader, which is an ATM fraud device attached by the thief to the ATM machine. An ATM reader is attached to an ATM card slot and will record confidential data during a transaction, providing the thief the information needed to commit ATM Fraud.

It is important to report ATM fraud to your bank or debit card provider. Many of these institutions have ATM fraud investigators who will look into what happened to your account and thereby catch the thief responsible for stealing from you. The bank should also have issued to you a new PIN or card so that the thief can no longer access your account. You may also want to report the crime to your local police of district attorney's office. These law enforcement agencies also have specialized units that specifically investigate credit card or other electronic device fraud. Finally, you may also want to check your credit report to see if the thief has been using your account in other ways to access your credit.

There are many websites, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website, that will describe ATM fraud to you and what measures you can take to avoid having this kind of problem in the future.  If a victim of ATM fraud, contact an experienced attorney to assist you in recovering your money.